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Adventure of Outdoor Photography

The Adventure of Outdoor Photography   Why do you do it? It is a question I have been asked on a number of occasions.   Why do you: get up before dawn, travel to a location you have explored and decided it is worthy of your attention, haul your equipment, sit in the chilly air […]

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The Business Side of Art

The Business Side of Art All artists, sooner or later, face the fact they are in business.  This means that “business time” is going to cut into “creative time”.   We are all blessed with 24 hours in a day.  No more, no less.  We have to be conscious of how we allocate our time.  It […]

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3 Great Photographers

3 Great Photographers When I talk to people about photography, I invariably get asked who my favorite photographer is. There have been so many great photographers that have influenced me. If I were to boil it down to just a couple I would have to say my favorites are:     Ansel Adams   Ansel […]

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Our Neck of the Woods

It’s great to volunteer to work at the AuSable Artisan Village Gallery in Grayling, Michigan.  Not only to you get the the opportunity to meet people from all over the country, you work in a place surrounded by beautiful artwork. Granted the majority of visitors are from Michigan, but you do meet lot of people […]

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Promote Your Photography on Craigslist

  Artists who do not self promote are short changing themselves. You have to leverage every opportunity to promote your art, yourself and any event in which you are participating. One of the greatest resources for promotion is Craigslist. Craigslist gives you the instant ability to post a promotion. There are numerous categories on Craigslist that you […]

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Artwork Photography 2

A while back I mentioned that I was going to be moving forward with another aspect of my photography business, artwork photography.  Well that time has come.  You can find out more by visiting my new site In addition to artwork photography, I am also offering business and marketing support to other artists.    Check […]

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“Thank you” “No Problem”

Thank you—no problem???? When did “you are welcome” leave the English language? I hear it more and more. Someone says “thank you” and the reply is “no problem”. To me the “no problem” response is like saying, “I had to go out of my way for you but I guess it was no problem”. Words are […]

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The Digital Age

Every time I look at a photo magazine I see a continuing stream of “next generation” cameras and equipment.  The digital age gives us new products that are amazing considering the features and capabilities they bring.  All to often in this digital age,  we get caught up in the “technology” and forget about the art. […]

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Another Photo Class

I have another photo class tonight that I am teaching with my friend Cheryl Melamed.  I have to say, I really love teaching this class.  Within 2 hours people are transformed from snap shot shooters to photographers. In the class, the students learn: the basics of how their camera works how to use light to […]

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Taking time for self improvement

I know we all get very busy.  Every now and then I find I need to put the breaks on to focus on things I need to do to improve myself, personally and professionally. On a daily basis, I try to build in an hour or so for self improvement.  I have to admit, I […]

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