The Adventure of Outdoor Photography

Why do you do it? It is a question I have been asked on a number of occasions.

Why do you:

  • get up before dawn,
  • travel to a location you have explored and decided it is worthy of your attention,
  • haul your equipment,
  • sit in the chilly air just waiting for the light to get right,
  • take a number of exposures, always checking the histogram to be sure of your exposure is the way you want it,
  • then pack up and go exploring for tomorrow’s morning adventure?

Adventure! That is the key word here. Outdoor Photography is an adventure of “being there”. Whether you are shooting landscapes or wildlife, the adventure “being there” is the thing that matters.

Outdoor Photographers produce images that go beyond the “snapshot”. Their “being there” in the wild place enables them to produce images that are more than a simple documentation of a moment in time. They craft their work so that they add their passion of the experience into the final image.

The final image doesn’t just “happen”. The photographer explores a location:

  • Checks the light at different times of day to determine the best time to shoot.
  • Walks all over looking for the best vantage point.
  • Tests potential compositions.
  • Identifies pitfalls that could get in the way of making the image.
  • Knows what the weather conditions will be for the shoot.
  • Visualizes the final image based on these variables.

Once the preliminary work has been done, the adventure begins.