The Art Collection Dilemma

How did this happen?  You buy a painting here, a photograph there, a sculpture you just had to have. Before you know it, you have an art collection. It seems that is the way most of us start.

As our art collection grows, we become more selective regarding the art we buy. Of course, there are considerations such as wall space and surface space.  This goes on until we reach a point where we cannot imagine where we would put the next piece of art.

Sound familiar?

What the heck can you do? You love your art. You don’t want to get rid of any of it. You know that you will want to add to it in the future. There must be a solution to your dilemma.

Good News

There is a solution! Follow the tactics great galleries and museums use. Curate your art. Galleries and museums have far more pieces of artwork on hand than they show to the public.
Galleries selectively showcase pieces based on the potential for sales. They use the best pieces to draw the public to the gallery.

Museums have the same space restrictions that you have. The art shown to the public on any given day is only a small percentage of the art they have in their collection. They maintain areas where the art on the walls remains unchanged. They also maintain areas that are used to display artwork on a rotational basis or in a special show.

How can you curate your art?

Your curation begins by taking inventory of your collection. You must decide which art warrants a permanent position on your walls or surfaces and the art which warrants temporary display based on your mood or time of year. The idea is that you can rotate your secondary artworks so you can refresh the art around you.
Using this simple practice will enable you to appreciate your favorite pieces while keeping the artwork in your home or office fresh. The rotation brings a new appreciation for your secondary pieces.

We all love the art around us. It enriches our lives and gives us joy. You can continue to add to your collection without fear because you have a plan to manage your growing art collection.