The Creative Spark

Wow! I just had an idea!

Sound Familiar? For me, it begins in several ways. Sometimes it is when I am in the field working on a project. At other times, it begins when I am sitting and daydreaming about an image I want to create. The creative spark gets the ball rolling. When you feel the creative spark, you know you are on the right track.

What about you?

The Creative Spark

When I am in the field making photographs, the creative spark can take me in an entirely different direction. The plan for my shoot gets altered as my attention moves to this new creative idea. Some would call it “flying by the seat of your pants”. But sometimes that is how the creative process can overpower you. The original plan is somehow improved by this new spark of an idea. What could have been a ho-hum photo shoot, takes on depth and meaning. You go beyond your original expectations and the end product is measurably better than the work you produced before the spark.

Has this ever happened to you? I bet it has.


Do you ever sit and daydream? I do all the time.

Bam, the creative spark hits.

I begin to visualize the landscape image I want to create. I visualize the ideal weather, the angle of the sun, the mix of sky and clouds and even some potential compositions. In my mind, I see the whole setup for the shoot.
When I get on location I walk around and find the places I want to shoot from. I set up and wait to get the light right. All the while I am working my plan to get the images I imagined while daydreaming. But I am also prepared for a creative spark that may change my original plan.

Listening to that creative spark can improve your work. It is a key element of the creative process. Listen to it.