The Story Behind the “Stone Cottage and the Bicycle” Photograph

The beautiful thing about traveling in Ireland is that you come across some of the most lovely photographic opportunities you can imagine.

The Beara Peninsula

As I was driving through the Beara peninsula, I came across a stone cottage with a bicycle leaned up against it. It’s an example of some of the sites you will see as you travel the back roads of Ireland.

The Beara Peninsula is a very interesting place.  If you want to get away from the heavy tourist traffic of the Ring of Kerry, the Beara peninsula is perfect for you. There are lots of little towns for you to explore. You will find a Heritage Park,  a Stone Circle and even a Buddhist retreat built on a hillside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It’s well-worth taking the time to take to drive the Ring of Beara.

How I Made This Photograph

The day I took this photo it was rather overcast. Which is not unusual for Ireland. I was lucky, it wasn’t raining that day.  (There is a reason Ireland is so green and that’s because it rains quite often.)

Stone Cottage and the Bicycle

Stone Cottage and the Bicycle

As I approach the cottage I began my usual shooting routine.  I like to walk around a little bit before I begin shooting. That way I can check out the various angles that are available to me in the shot.  That is what I did in this case. Once I determined the right angle of shooting, I started looking at the composition that I wanted to achieve in the photograph. For this photograph, I took a number of shots, both vertical and horizontal.  The vertical shot gave me what I was looking for.

Photo Tip

Taking the time to look at your potential subject gives you the opportunity to create the best possible image. When you rush into a shooting situation and do a quick snapshot that’s what you end up with, a snapshot. You lose out on being able to create a really meaningful image that has character and complements of subject matter. When you approach your subject take your time. Don’t rush. Taking your time will help you create a beautiful photo in the end.

If You Would Like a Print

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