The Story Behind “Water and Stones”

The Beauty of Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent sand dunes.  Thousands of people love to spend the day playing, chasing gulls, relaxing on the beach, walking on Lake Michigan shores and climbing the dunes.  

There are, however, some parts of the shoreline that have a smattering of beautiful small rocks shaped and shined by the wave action of this massive lake.  The rocks roll and tumble in the moving water and the abrasive sandy bottom of the lake near the shore. Eventually, the rocks are deposited on the shore.

The Walk Along the Shore

As I walked along the Lake Michigan shore in the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, I came across a beautiful deposit of stones.  They were at the water’s edge and received a washing everytime a new wave came in. They sparkled in the sunshine with each new washing.

Photograph of water and stones found on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Water and Stones

As I stood and watched the cycle of waves and water wash the rocks, I knew there was a photograph

here.  It was an opportunity to reduce the massive lake and miles of shore to a very simple photograph of a small wave washing a collection of small rocks on the shore.  A moment in time captured in a simple photograph.

When I look at this photograph, I can feel the wind, feel the sand at my feet, hear the gulls crying in the distance and hear the waves meeting the shore.  It brings me back to that moment in time.

The Reward

A walk along Lake Michigan is so rewarding.  The sand under your feet and the sounds of the waves and the gulls, heal your soul.  It connects you with others who have walked this same path along the shore on different days and different years.  You share a common bond with nature, the sand, the dunes, the wind, the shore and the water.

The wind, the sand, the sound of gulls and the sound of the waves coming to shore, make each visit memorable.

Each time I visit Lake Michigan I feel this same sense of renewal.  It is a rebirth. It is setting the crazy world of everyday living aside and enjoying the here and now.  I take a deep breath of clean air and feel the stresses fade away. I pause and enjoy the beauty that is all around me.  


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